In the recently concluded World Wide Developer’s Conference, an annual event organized by Apple, there were a slew of exciting announcements and curtain raisers. Over the years, Apple has used this event as a showcase of its newest products and offerings. An estimated 5000 people visited this year’s WWDC organized at California.

Some of the highlights of WWDC – 2013 are:

a)      iOS 7: Apple announced the unveiling of its next generation iOS 7, which has been described as the most revolutionary OS since the introduction of iOS in 2007. A new design, fresh colours and enhanced graphics will certainly make Apple users more excited. In this post from CNET, you can read more expert commentary on this new operating system.

b)      OS X Maverics: Apple also announced a new OS for its flagship Mac laptops called OS X Maverics. This new operating system for Mac series laptops and desktops shall have some advanced features such as documents tagging and more.

c)       iTune Radio: Apple will soon roll out iTune Radio, which will stream live music from radio stations across the globe along with their own music from iTunes Store.

d)      Siri Revamped: The much publicised voice assistant program called Siri has been polished up and new male as well female voice-overs have been introduced.

To get complete coverage of WWDC and related Apple announcements, please visit this resource from CNET: