Several technological pundits have declared this age as that of Android. With market share rising every day, and almost every phone manufacturing company in the fray to offer the best Android phone, it is no wonder that HP too is trying to bring themselves in the overall technological picture.

Although officially they have denied the rumours, but the market is abuzz with the unveiling of HP’s first Android phone; And a little spoiler here: It looks like an iPhone!

Reportedly, some of the phone’s images and specifications were leaked by a former HP employee and was made available to the press.

Some of the highlights:

–       4.5-inch display with 900 x 1,600-pixel resolution

–       Quad-core Snapdragon processor clocked at 2GHz

–       15.4-megapixel rear camera

–       5-megapixel front-facing camera

–       2GB of RAM

–       Android 4.2.

–        The report also claims that the device is being referred to internally by the code-name “HP Brave.”

You can get the full report here:

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