Small companies and individual PC users often ignore data security as they don’t have enough time and resources to deal with this issue. Large organizations and corporate enterprises have a whole team to manage security issues, which protects them from data thefts. However, the importance and relevance of data is same for everyone; and even though a small business doesn’t have the required resources and money to manage their data security, it is always recommended to have knowledge of these issues and to implement some common and non-complex firewalls which can help them cope with data thefts.

Data Encryption is one such excellent method to stop data theft and to ensure that your information is always safe and secured.

Before opting for data encryption, it is recommended to have a robust and strong password for your online accounts and PC. There are various guidelines for having a strong password, which is difficult to hack:

–          Keep the total length of password more than 10 characters long

–          Use letters, numbers and special characters to make the password strong

–          Never keep your name or date of birth of phone number as your password, as they are easy to hack

–          Lastly, check the strength of your password at this special tool provided by Microsoft here:

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