AskPCExperts is proud to announce the newest service offering: OnSite Support.

There are several instances when there exists an emergency of technical support, which cannot be resolved using remote support mechanism. That important work station refuse to boot up or that crucial printout takes ages to come out. In such instances, it always desirable to have a actual technician instantly visit your office or your home and provide the required resolution then and there.

AskPCExperts understands what IT emergencies are and how it can affect the overall productivity of your company. To bring instant solutions to these type of typical computer problems, we have now introduced Onsite Technical Support for your convenience.

Under this support mechanism, our expert Microsoft certified technician will visit your location and provide solution for your problems instantly.

All you need to do is: Contact our customer help desk; Register your problem and then relax. We will find out the nearest location of our technician and immediately dispatch them to your location. Some of the advantages of this onsite technical support include:

–          Solution and rectification of your PC, Laptop and Hardware configurations right in front of you.

–          Safety of your confidential data and information

–          Remedy for all your technical problems and issues right in front of your eyes

–          Assistance of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians with a phone call

To find out more about our exclusive onsite technical support service, you are encouraged to visit us at or call us at 800-491-3022 right away!