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7 Easy tricks to prevent your computer and laptop from overheating

Laptop Overheating

The market is flooded with computers of various manufacturers. Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Lenovo are some of the leading brands that dominate the world PC market and there are dozens of others country specific PC manufacturers globally. Each PC manufacturer has its own design, make, styles and features and Unique selling proposition. But certain fundamentals features of each PC remain common. Each PC will have an operating system, a keyboard, a screen etc etc. The point I am trying to make is, irrespective of the brand, standard underlying features of a standard PC remains the same.

Similar to features, all PCs and laptops have certain pain points. And one such pain point common to all PCs irrespective of their make is Overheating. I am sure most of you as users have faced the issue of overheating in your daily life with your PCs. Many of you would have sought online PC support during such a situation. Although it’s a widely prevalent problem, you would be glad to know that if we follow simple tips it can be controlled. In this blog post, we will share with you seven highly effective tips to prevent your computer and laptop from overheating

Tip 1: Clean Surface Dust Regularly

You would have noticed that dust often forms around laptop fans and air vents, reducing their airflow and cooling. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pull out dust and clean the surface. You can also blow out the remaining dust with a can of compressed air to clean .

Tip 2: Always Keep System Vents Open

Never cover the fans and air vents of your computer. The small holes you notice under a laptop are needed to cool down the system. Placing a laptop on a pillow or bed smothers the vents and stops airflow. If you need to use a laptop on a bed, carpet, place it on a board or other smooth surface so that the laptop can get required airflow.

Tip 3: Always keep the Laptop on a raised platform

Always use your laptop on a raised platform. It allows more air to flow underneath. Don’t do this in a way that covers the air vents. It is very important that the raised platform is made of solid material and does not suck air. It should allow free flow of air for the system to receive good amount of air supply.Prevent Overheating


Tip 4: Buy a notepad cooling pad

Notepad cooling pads are a standard computer accessory commonly available in the market. Buy one which suits your laptop and budget. This accessory raises the height of your laptop and provides fans which move air under the laptop and help cooling.

Tip 5: Download BIOS and Software Updates

All computer manufacturers provide BIOS and OS driver updates that can fix CPU and fan control problems. These are highly useful software that can help reduce heating of computers and laptops. It allows you to configure and set the fan speeds of your computers and set temperature alarms that can help you remain alert at all times

Tip 6: Configure Windows Power Options

Visit the Power Options under Control Panel. With it you can set the laptop to run using less power for both the CPU and graphics card. This will slow down your computer by a few notches but also lower its heat. This is a very effective solution and many users use this to cool down their systems. It is one the most highly used formulas

Tip 7: Fix the Thermal Compound of your system

The thermal compound between the CPU and heat sink is often poorly applied during manufacture. If you want to fix an overheating CPU and are adventurous, you can open the laptop, remove the CPU, clean it and the heat sink, apply new thermal paste, and put everything back together. This is not a simple process, even for people who do it regularly. But it can permanently fix some overheating computers.

If none of the above tips work, you always have the option of calling for PC Technical Support for free advice. There are dozens of free online technical support organizations today. They offer solutions for almost all of leading computer related ailments. The advantage of using online pc support services is that they have trained and qualified technology professionals who can help you sort the most complex of technical issues. In addition to making calls, you can also seek e-mail support for your issues. These are trained professionals and are highly competent to handle and provide solutions to all your PC overheating problems. If you are someone facing a PC heating issue, do give them a call.

Tips to Quick Fix Acer Laptop Related Technical Snags


There is no denying the fact that Acer is one of the leading manufacturers of next-generation laptops. Over past few years, the company has introduced different types of electronic gadgets, such as desktops, servers, and mini PCs; however it is widely acknowledged for its world-class line of laptops.

Broadly speaking, the performance level of Acer laptops is undoubtedly superior relatively to other counterparts in the market. But like any other machine device, laptops do tend to breakdown with time.  Due one or another technical glitch it starts performing sluggishly. No device actually comes with lifetime warranty, most of you must be aware of this aspect by now.

The good news is that most of the annoying issues encountered by Acer laptop users are not lethal and can be resolved instantly through optimal online laptop repair services. Most significantly, getting these issues fixed instantly no longer being a tedious task. You don’t have to rush to nearby local repair shop in odd hours.

There are numerous of online laptop repair service providers helping millions of system users to improve their system performance. It just you need to look for the right service partner.

How can a user get most out of their Acer laptops?

In order to keep your laptop always up and running, you need to keep certain facts in mind. You must buy your system prudently. In case, you are looking for PC that you can only require for checking your emails, surf Internet, carry our mundane computing tasks, and play non-demanding games, then you must buy a standard Acer laptop as it will serve your need. Don’t overload your system with unnecessary programs and software applications that you seldom use.

Whether you have bought your PC a month back or two years back, you might encounter several performance issues as most Acer laptops have on-board integrated graphics card so you cannot expect it to perform outstandingly for high impact gaming.

Apart from this, you can even encounter several problems in case you run ‘heavy’ applications for movie editing, graphics design, database software, and similar programs.  Therefore, it always better to purchase a system as per your work requirements. Do look out for the configuration if you want to work with heavy applications as mentioned before. Otherwise, your laptop would freeze unexpectedly while working or it might take too long to lead, specifically if you have too many applications running at one go.

What are the most common technical problems that users come across while using Acer laptops?

  • An estimate says that some users have observed that their Acer laptop do heats up quickly, which is further followed by a forced shut down of the system. This is a common concern not just with Acer laptop even with other brands users encounter such things. One most apparent reason behind this cause could be accumulation of dirt on the fan of the machine.
  • Laptops tend to build up dust with the passage of time. If the fans get blocked due to accumulation of dust, it will not be able to run at peak levels which usually result in overheating. This further triggers the CPU protecting circuit to forcefully shut down the machine. Being a non-technical person, it isn’t easy for you to detect such issues. By taking assistance of online laptop repair service providers you can get rid of such nagging issues.
  • Another issue is virus infection. While surfing the Internet many users fall into the trap of scammed messages or pop messages. That leads to slow PC performance or deletion of critical data. This can be avoided provided you take timely take help of online laptop support providers. These remote support service providers with domain expertise help you fix issue in a jiffy.

Final word:

Over past few decades, Acer has undoubtedly become a widely known brand because it’s world-class range of high-tech laptops that perform well. However, there is no denying the fact that you may encounter technical hitches from time and again. You don’t need to feel bogged down as these problems are commonly seen on almost all brands of laptops and they can be fixed quite easily through online laptop support services.

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