Why is it necessary to defrag your PC frequently?


Most PC users find defragmentation a tedious task. It is something no one can afford to overlook as it directly impacts the overall performance of the system.. Once in a while it is important to free up your disk space in order to carry out a defragmentation process, for optimal performance of your computer. It also requires you to move files to a removable drive.
Otherwise, computer experts wouldn’t have insisted on doing the same religiously if it wasn’t that critical.
Through this article, we are going to explain why it’s important to defragment your hard drive. Besides this, how frequently you should defrag to arrange files systematically and not to impair your hard drive at one swoop. You can even experience accelerated computer performance by defragmenting your hard drive.

What does system defragmentation do?

To system users, a file is something in one piece that is a photo, a document, an audio song, or any other digital file. No one thinks about a file as bits of information dispersed all over the drive. The operating system (OS) contemplates inversely – as per Windows (OS) a file consists of several small fragments that are stored collectively on a hard drive. It knows unerringly where each fragment is as well as the right order for reading them. File fragmentation typically takes place when disk space gets reprocessed time and again when you obliterate old files and save new ones.

Have you ever wondered why Windows goes through so much difficulty whenever you try to open a file and why it doesn’t just arrange the files as complete chunk? The answer to this question is quite simple – because OS basically is space-effective and doesn’t permit a single bit of hard drive space to remain unused.

The only drawback of placing file fragments all over the drive is that it has to put in lot efforts to access all fragments of the file one by one. Consequently, fragmented files might take pretty long time to open. That’s why one should defragment their hard drive on a regular basis or take online PC repair experts assistance.

Contradictory opinions that system users have about when to defragment your hard drive:

Individual do have conflicting opinions about each and every issue. And same goes for running defragmentation programs on computer. Few myths about running defragmenters are:

  • If you defragment your hard drive too frequently you will abridge the lifecycle of the drive due to the additional grind it has to do while defragmentation process.
  • Files can corrupt while defragmentation (even though this might happen in exceptional cases).
  • More you defrag your system, the advantages attached to it start waning with time.


Try to find a middle ground

Both sides of the debate have validity. As per the old adage, “Excess of anything is bad”. So, you need to defragment your hard drive, and doing the same more than required can cause problems. Anyway, the main concern for all PC users is “how to make computer faster”. Here is a quick rundown of some key points that one must bear in mind for optimal hard drive defragmentation:

  • Download and make use of a third-party defragmenter, instead of using the in-built Windows utility. As it works much faster and more efficiently, thereby reducing the time that hard drive is performing at maximum capacity. For this you need to get in touch with online PC repair service provider.
  • Let your level of PC use help you understand exactly how many times per year you need to defragment. For instance, if you create and obliterate many files, spend most of time surfing online, installation of heavy programs/ applications, or do video streaming, then chances are you need to defragment your system more often.
  • If you have lately installed more than one program or application, then also you need to defrag.
  • Always ensure that you clean up all unwanted files first, run PC tuneup software, keep data backup, and run your defragmenter.
  • At any point of time you notice your system is preforming at snail’s pace, don’t overlook and immediately take preventive steps.

System defragmentation is undoubtedly a bit tedious job to do, but the way computers are developed, it’s a task that won’t be going away any time soon. Undoubtedly, there are several of tools and techniques available to ensure it goes securely, swiftly and effortlessly. In case, you aren’t able to find the right tool best is to seek online PC repair assistance and get your system free from fragmented files.

Watch out for these 5 worst online scams


There have been innumerable developments in electronic resources over the past few decades. This increasing advancement in technology such as cellular phones, pagers, and desktops/laptops, the Internet, online portals, and palm pilot have added a new facet to crime.

Cyber criminals make use of high-tech tools and techniques to carry out crimes. Whether you are socializing on social networking sites, shopping online, carrying out banking transactions, streaming videos, or even replying to your colleagues via mails– you need to STAY ALERT!

Through this post, let’s try to discuss some of the worst scams that you need to know to keep your system and sensitive information safe.

Ransomware: These days’ cyber-attackers are attacking online users through spiteful software now widely known as ransomware that is duplicitous, nasty, and very treacherous. It tricks the user emotionally by barring all files stored in his/her system and demand a huge amount to free up the files. This software is also potent enough to sporadically explicit adult content across your system screen or a reminder (seeming to be) from the FBI. To trick you, these scammers induce you to click on infected pop-up messages or take you to an unsafe websites. Instead of getting you to buy the phony software, they break into your system and try to extort money.

Mobile Payments: Mobile payment alternative provides you great expediency; nevertheless, at one fell swoop they make you susceptible to mobile payment scams. Recent introduction of mobile payment services, such as Apple Pay and Digital Way, have opened doors for swindlers to easily get their hands on your pockets. Nowadays, scammers are hacking iTunes accounts and pilfering credit card particulars to rob money from online portals.

Credit Card: Unquestionably, credit cards have always been life saver as they make our lives almost cashless. Are you aware that they have also been used as bait to lure us into trouble? We are sure credit card fraud isn’t new for anyone of us by now. Your credit card details are always at the risk of being pilfered and embezzled. Swindlers are using pilfered credit card information to con your hard earned money. Besides, they send out spurious emails to make you click or download the spiteful software to rip-off your credit card details and pass it on the hackers for felony.

Lottery Scams: Who doesn’t want to win a multi-million dollar lottery online? It will be just like a dream come true for many, isn’t it? Have you recently received any dubious mail professing that you have won a lottery? Yes, hang on then! Before you jump off to rejoice, check out if the facts are in place. Some clear signs that will indicate that this is a fraud can include anything from the organizers asking you to pay up a fee to get the money to luring you with prize-money that is simply out of the world.

Online Dating Scams: It is being considered as one of the most predominant Internet scams. Online scammers have found love as the new tool to influence people and gain access to their bank accounts and rip them off their assets. They target your deepest emotions and often try very hard to gain your attention and trust. One protocol comprises your date professing that he/she is marooned in some foreign spot and requests you to send them some money to get out of the situation. Indeed, once you transferred the money, there will be no sign of your date after that.

Wrapping up: Online scams are consistently escalating with every passing minute. With evolution in technology, scammers are concocting innovative ways and better trickeries to spoof you. Stay alert and take timely online computer help to keep your system and confidential information.

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