Antivirus Software: Protecting your PC against Vulnerabilities

In today’s business landscape, we all are enormously dependent on computers to store, manage and maintain our important files and folders. However with the advancing technology, these mission-critical assets have become susceptible to viruses. There is no denying the fact that viruses/spywares are the worst nightmare that any modern computer can have. These erroneous codes adapt to the executable files stored on your PC and causes serious problems to application and disk files. Moreover, these malevolent programs may lead to several malfunctioning including data corruption, data loss, CPU speed consumption, and display error messages.

Some of the viruses keep keen vigil on the activities you perform on your system and bypass your confidential data to unethical destinations. To avoid these haphazard scenarios and strengthen your system security regime, it is important to install antivirus software. Antivirus software is one the best remedies that helps in curbing virus infestations. These are the effective programs that are written by technology gurus to free your PC from unwanted invasions.

There is a plethora of antivirus software available online not only helping you to protect your computer from dangerous programs, but also detect that parts, which are affected and fixes them. These antidotes act as a firewall to filter outgoing and incoming files and folders and detect the malicious codes installed on your system. However, it is essential to pick robust computer virus protection software of a recommended brand as this is the question of your own data and system security.

In case you are not sure how to install and setup an antivirus protection program, you can seek help from renowned technical support providers available online.

6 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Printer

Any desktop or home-office needs a printer to accomplish essential tasks. One need not step outside to print pages with a readily available Pinter at home. Yet, the task of maintaining a printer is difficult if it is not used frequently.

A poorly maintained printer throws tantrums during urgencies. Be it an inkjet or a laser printer, one has to follow a set of simple tips which have been enlisted below to keep the printer in a good working condition.
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1. Clean the print head at least once every month. Do so by removing the cartridges. The head can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth dipped in warm water. It is advisable not to use wet tissues/alcohol dipped cotton to clean a print head for it might get damaged. Let the print head dry completely before reassembling it and fixing it back.

2. The inner parts of a printer must be regularly cleaned. Before dust/grime form thick layers and hamper the printer’s efficiency, make use of a slightly moist lint-free cloth to wipe the dust away. While cleaning, apply very little force. Rather make use of soft bristles and moistened Q-tips to get rid of tough grime marks. Otherwise, compressed air can be used to remove dust, but never vacuum it, unless it is a pressure-controlled vacuum.

3. Pay attention to the toner cartridge by lifting the hood. Check inside for jammed/broken parts. While some printers include built-in diagnostics, others need remote printer troubleshooting help from professionals. Therefore, pay attention and take corrective action to get rid of further damage in the printer. Remove damaged parts part by part in regular intervals.

4. Buy a proper printer maintenance kit to clean the printer fan/other parts which are prone to dust accumulation. In case one is bent on buying printer spare parts, kindly do not compromise on its quality.

5. Refill cartridges can be expensive. So one might want to invest in refilled inexpensive alternatives from flea markets. This is not recommended for it automatically leads to compromising with the printer’s toner/ink cartridge quality. Rather, stick to branded high-graded cartridges to maintain printer’s working condition.

6. Lastly, it is advisable to exercise caution in order to replace cartridges. Regular cartridge replacement is advisable. It should be done by reading all the instructions properly. Do not touch the cartridge’s bottom for it might spoil print’s quality.

Never leave a printer unused for too many days. The cartridge ink might dry up as well as clog the printer’s head which might damage its functionality causing critical printer problems. Besides, always go for a full color print once in 10 days to make sure that the cartridges & print head are functioning properly.

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